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Number of children being adopted down

Recently published Government information revealed that the number of children and young people being taken into Local Authority Care has increased to a total of 72,670 children who were being looked after by local councils in England in March, with the figure growing steadily over recent years.

Yet for the past two or three years the number of children being adopted, which was never large, has moved in the opposite direction. Last year 4,350 children were adopted, down from a peak of 5,360 in 2015.

One of the possible causes, according to Antony Douglas, the head of the organisation representing children in care in England, could be the significant improvements in IVF which means that couples who have been experiencing infertility problems stand a better chance than ever of having their own children.

Steve Hargrave, Head of Family Services for Nugent Adoption, commented that whatever the causes of the decline in the numbers of children being adopted, for each of those children who are waiting for their forever family, it is an individual tragedy which can impact on their life chances throughout childhood and beyond.

“At Nugent Adoption, we are committed to ensuring all children get the best start in life and I would encourage anyone who is considering adoption to get in touch with us and find out more”

“Being an adopter with Nugent Adoption means you become part of a local, supportive adoption community. Adopters receive extensive local support, not only during the adoption process but throughout the young person’s childhood. Adopters come from various backgrounds and there are very few barriers, but you must have the motivation and desire to parent a child into adulthood.”

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